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Buy Thai Elephant Dung Magic Mushrooms The Thai Elephant Dung, also known by TED, Thai cubensis or simply the “Elephant Strain”, an exotic Psilocybe cubensis that was naturally derived from Thailand’s elephant excrements, is also known as TED or Thai cubensis.
There are many stories about the origins Thai Elephant Dun mushroom strain. It could be Psilocybe Samuiensis. also known as the Allen Strain. Named in honour John Allen, an ethno-mycologist who discovered the species in water buffalo dung on Kho Samui in 1991.

It could also be due to P., a psychoactive species that loves dung and is common in Thailand. Panaeolus Cyanescens, aka Blue Meanies or Pan. tropicalis. These strains are also known as “zoo doo” because they spread via zoo compost made from elephant and hippopotamus doo.
These stories may leave some mystery surrounding these elephant strains. However, Thai elephant mushrooms grow only on one dung: Thai dung. Thais believe that Thai dung is the “perfect Alchemist” that transforms Thai elephant dung into Thai Elephant Psilocybe Cubensis , the “mushrooms of illumination”.

Some mycologists believe that the substrate can affect the quality of the potency. This is especially true in Thailand, where Ganesha, an elephant-headed Hindu god of starting things, is worshipped. This may have contributed to Thai Elephant Dung mushroom strains being a little more glorified.

Thailand is known as “the land of smiles”, and has a long history of magic mushroom tourism. It was common for restaurants to offer PSubcubensis omelettes and shakes
The Thai natives called it “hed”, which means “mushroom that appears after water buffalo defecates”. This was because of the foreign interest in cultivating psychoactive strains. It is clear that Elephant Dung mushrooms are popular because of their exotic substrate.

The Thai Elephant Dun Strain today has given birth to sub-strain descendants like the Koh Samui super strain, aka KSSS, and the Thai Ban Huan magic mushrooms.
Many Thai strains are suitable for microdosing because they have moderate to high potency. You can learn more about the many benefits of strains by visiting our sections on performance or wellbeing.

Many reviews of Thai Elephant Dung mushrooms report an intense, euphoric experience. There is a quick and powerful rise, but lots of laughter and a great after-glow that makes it worthwhile. The psilocybin level is affected by the nutritional quality of elephant dung substrates. This is why the Thai cubensis potency seems to be high.

The Thai Dung Elephant is a hardy and fast-growing strain that’s resistant to contamination. It’s a popular choice for cultivators.
You are reported to be able to feel “heady” and have strong psychoactivity. This means you should be prepared to embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery and surrender to the magical powers of Ganesh’s dung.
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20 reviews for Thai Elephant Dung Magic Mushrooms

  1. Susan Hunt

    Amazing mushrooms and wonderful covid practices. You can find mushrooms here that you can’t find anywhere else in town. And you know with the care they use in growing these mushrooms that this truly is a passion.

  2. Josie Flaherty

    I just picked up some mushroom compost, from this mushroom shop farm. It’s gardening time. Ten dollars per scoop. A great place to pick up some top quality compost. Also check out their store, for some fresh grown mushrooms.

  3. Kathryn Stewart

    They’re great. I got these for my husband to micro and he loves it

  4. Dorcas Shanley

    Actually came in, in good time
    too, nice.

  5. Priscilla Terry

    We just received 2 lbs of Shiitake and 1 lb of Lion’s Mane that look incredible. We will be ordering again soon! When we need extra Vitamin D, we trust adding these culinary mushrooms into our daily diet.

  6. Albert Kling

    The service here was incredible!! The staff were very personal and helpful and have an amazing variety of mushrooms available. I an definitely coming back hour more of their mushrooms.

  7. Jennifer Armstrong

    Decent quality shrooms. We did a lower dose, and it gave us the giggles and some mild visual distortions. Some nausea came on near the end of the trip. Overall, these were good.

  8. Martha Jessie

    A rare opportunity to get freshly grown mushrooms straight from the grower. They have a great variety of mushrooms that are not commonly found elsewhere. If you love mushrooms, this is definitely for you.

  9. William Benjamin

    Mush love for them, great prices and great selection!

  10. Kelli Luiz

    Great product. Wonderful experience! Thank you!!

  11. James Hildreth

    I hate mushrooms but my wife and I wanted to try some king oyster mushroom recipes as they don’t taste like your average mushroom. This place had king oyster mushrooms and so much more. I couldn’t believe I was interested in eating mushrooms but the staff here was awesome and helpful providing very good recommendations on which mushrooms I should try. We will definitely be back for mo

  12. Ismael Schiefelbein

    They grows a wide variety of mushrooms that they sell to restaurants, grocers, and individuals. They have the freshest, most delicious mushrooms I have ever tasted. Usually they offer not only the familiar mushrooms but several types that are hard to find in groceries. The employees are always friendly but they are not effusive or garrulous; that is not their job. They are mushroom growers, not salesmen or agricultural advisors.

  13. Christopher Temple

    truly beautiful, introspective and healing. discrete packaging and quick delivery!

  14. William Batey

    Excellent service and Blue meanie mushrooms product.

  15. John Rapp

    Get your freeze dried mushrooms here! Good people, local business.

  16. Annette Monaco

    I received one good batch of blue Meanies from you guys that were excellent I received a second batch that was no good and you guys replaced it and I just picked them up and seen that you guys sent me an extra half ounce of penis envy as well super happy thank you guys

  17. David Purcell

    I’ve been buying the freshest mushrooms from here for a few years. They also have other products like dried mushrooms and tinctures. Everyone is always very friendly at a clean and Covid-conscious place, wearing mask

  18. Stephanie Sanders

    Always a consistent experience

  19. Valerie Smith

    My first time trying it as an experienced user. Now one of my favorites. Strong too.

  20. Marian Bernier

    Loved it!!!

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