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Buy/order/purchase Mondo® Grow Box | Substrate Kit Normal Online from a legit online Magic Mushrooms shop in USA without/no prescription and guaranteed overnight/next day delivery.

The Mondo® Mushroom Grow Box, is a substrate kit makes it easy to grow your own mushrooms at home. The kit contains a sterilized 1200 ml substrate .Add your own mushroom spores and the kit is ready to grow your mushrooms of choice!

Mondo® Mushroom Grow Box is specially designed to grow psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, edible and medicinal mushrooms.

Use your own spores or buy our selected cubensis spores vials at a discount of 20%.

Buy Mondo® Grow Box | Substrate Kit Normal Online


Buy Buy Mondo® Grow Box | Substrate Kit Normal Online from a legal magic mushrooms online store in Ann Arbor usa shipping worldwide  Mondo® Substrate Grow Box makes it possible to grow fresh mushrooms in a matter of weeks. The kit contains everything you need to start cultivation, you add the spores and you choose how to grow.


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13 reviews for Mondo® Grow Box | Substrate Kit Normal

  1. Maria Dipasquale

    This product is awesome! Clarity of mind and insight in a small package.

  2. Britany Dorsey

    Enjoyed the visuals and relaxing trip.

  3. Steven Brown

    Shipping: Crazy fast! Customer Service: Sublime. Actual Product: 10 out of 10!

  4. Robert Scott

    Have not tried yet, but looking forward to it. Have heard good things about these!

  5. Robert Taylor

    Just had a couple of grams of that a few hours ago and I’m still tripping man. It hits hard, but it also has a soft mellow feel to it. Great shroom.

  6. Craig Armstrong

    I took 4 grams and a fruit punch hit me like a train!!
    Colors, introspection and mood enhancement!
    Pure bliss, now my new favorites!
    You will not be disappointed!!

  7. Joslyn Garcia

    I love these mushrooms. The very best all around trip and nothing for the weak hearted. Great great and ?

  8. Jose Mai

    Great product. Well packaged. Nicely balanced. Would buy again

  9. Terri Brown

    Amazing experience!
    First time riding Tidal Wave .
    Beautiful colors..waves of sound
    Faces turned to dust in front of my eyes..
    High doses threw me well down the rabbit hole.
    All smiles trip!

  10. Salvador White

    Extremely potent! Take caution with dosage amount. However, lots of fantastic visuals to be had once it’s figured out!

  11. Sharon Simms

    This is actually what I need. I mill these into powder in a Nutribullet and then put the powder into the soup. I utilize a large portion of an ounce daily, which compares to two ounces hydrated. I take these consistently for their medical advantage.

  12. Casey Tyrrell

    Some of the craziest visual I’ve ever had

  13. Susie McDonald

    They do exactly what I need them to( mind at ease and great for colours)

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