Malabar Coast Magic Mushrooms

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30 reviews for Malabar Coast Magic Mushrooms

  1. Melissa Noland

    Shipping: Crazy fast! Customer Service: Sublime. Actual Product: 10 out of 10!

  2. Jesse Richardson

    Very very nice

  3. Steve Miller

    Great product, fast shipping and fresh!

  4. James Houston

    Awesome experience overall. I use mostly to micro dose. And feels amazing! Great prices and quality. Customer service is on point. Will order again!

  5. Vada Reyes

    Fun, will purchase again!

  6. Frank Perez

    Grinded up 2 grams in a coffee grinder and took with a little water on an empty stomach. Effects were slow to start. Originally had a nice body high and I had a strange sensation that I was about to have an out of body experience but it did not materialize. Maybe if I took more it might have but I was not disappointed in the least. Visuals were slow to start but were quite nice after about 90 minutes. Strongest high at about 2 hours and this lasted for about another 2 hours. Visuals were bright but not overly so and were brighter with eyes open. Incredible feeling of peacefulness and love and belonging. Experience was not overwhelming at all. Could function although at a slower pace. No out of body experience and I did not see god but incredibly peaceful. Spend the last few hours outside at night lying on a bench with a blanket and pillow and just 100% at peace. There was a spider close to me that I was watching without fear. I have a strong fear of Spiders but I was at peace with everything so I was just watching it with no angst. My partner came out to see me and I mentioned the spider to him but told him not to worry at all but just watch the spider. He is so used to being the spider killer that he was not really listening and just reacted out of instinct. Thankfully he just flicked the spider over the railing. Most importantly I finally let go of 30 years of anger with a family member. An amazing night. Highly recommend

  7. Michele Henry

    Fucking amazing!! I basically got a steady stream of epiphanies for the come-up and the first wave. Lots of fun, fantastic visuals! Keep up the great work.

  8. Larry Ross

    I love these mushrooms. The very best all-around trip and nothing for the weak hearted. Great great and?

  9. Ralph Owens

    Holy shit!!! I had an amazing experience, this was my second time trying mungus, I tried 2 grams both times, they were both very pleasant experiences.

  10. Richard Mathis

    It was well worth the money and work I put into it! This is a fantastic thing for my thrilling ti

  11. Bruce Florez

    This is actually what I need. I mill these into powder in a Nutribullet and then put the powder into the soup. I utilize a large portion of an ounce daily, which compares to two ounces hydrated. I take these consistently for their medical advantage.

  12. Mary Jaramillo

    These mushrooms arrived really quickly and when they came they were beautiful. Gave me such a phenomenal trip with crazy visuals. I don’t know why I hadn’t tried them sooner but I will be ordering again very soon definitely.

  13. Robert Millette

    very fun if you want to laugh a lot!

  14. Flora Munoz

    Just had a couple of grams of that a few hours ago and I’m still tripping man. It hits hard, but it also has a soft mellow feel to it. Great shroom.

  15. Christopher Loy

    I think it’s the most likely the best product they carry, very hard hitting not for beginners in my opinion

  16. Shirley Marcus

    Thank you for a good recipe; great tips re water and salt. I made these garlic mushrooms for a quick side dish and they were the first thing to disappear

  17. John Rayner

    Wow!! So simple and so good! My husband and I both LOVED! Thanks for the great recipe and tips!

  18. Tiffani Cano

    Great Taste, I even drizzle a touch of fresh honey when they are finished.

  19. Carol Howard

    Ok. Be ready is not enough. BE PREPARED. I was there with one specific intent and I got the hyper traumatic response I asked for. The most beautiful hours of my existence. I’m 68. Followed by the most painful hours too. Not just morally. Physically too. I’m letting some time for myself to digest the day before doing a second dose.
    It started in less than 20 minutes. A bit fast, maybe too high a dose FOR ME. 3.5 g.
    I was filled with infinite love. I experienced what I never dreamt of in term of sustained ecstasy. At one point, you stop trying to find words for what you are experiencing. Then pure love lets the place to a mix of love and laughs. Like it should be in real life. This is when I realised I did not drink water enough before dosing. I was able though to disconnect and go for a drink and get back where the action was.
    Then, and it was expected, the real dark part happened to me. Tough. But after each wave, I could decide to go further or not. I was behaving like an insect full of dirt trying to find my way deeper into hell not out. Deeper or not, you decide but at that point you decide not that much. (I’m happy not to have recorded me on video). I took the decision while dosing and was ready for the bad part. I got it. All for the price of a BigMc trio. Hahahahaahaha
    Right now, I smell the worst of my life. I sweat a big lot. I am dehydrated (be careful if you expect trauma).
    I am ready for part II.
    Again BE PREPARED.

  20. Morris Murray

    Superfast delivery thank

  21. Lucille Alexander

    Good quality medicine

  22. Rose Lemasters

    I cannot wait for the next recipe that you will share. Thank you for inspiring us to cook healthy options.

  23. Andrew Hale

    Strong and tasty. Fast acting. Highly recommended.

  24. Peter Fugate

    Thank You. I enjoyed my mushrooms

  25. Harris Merrill

    Okay !! This is the best and tastiest way !! Thank you

  26. Edna John

    Thanks dude

  27. Diane Kramer

    Only tried micro dosing so far, but I can feel great potency. Excellent for mood, focus and motivation and I can’t wait to try a full macro dose.

  28. Janet Boothe

    Best mushrooms I have had for a while. I made the lemon ones.

  29. Hilda Powers

    I cannot wait for the next recipe that you will share. Thank you for inspiring us to cook healthy options.

  30. Jacqueline Otero

    Excellent. I’ve been making sub-par mushrooms for too long. No more. I followed to the T, everything other than the lemon as I didn’t have one on hand. I also noted and followed the tips, particularly to get a good brown on em, and salt at the end. Was great with salmon and rice pilaf. Deglazed with apple juice.

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