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Truly unique experiences will surely come from using rare mushrooms such as these Albino Avery Mushrooms. This shroom comes from the Cambodian strain and contains the active element of psilocybin. It is one of the ultra-rare mushrooms in the market with high potency that can last for hours. It got its “albino” title from its ghostly all-white appearance which is definitely not a common characteristic among shrooms. Albino Avery fungi are known for their high potency that gives users high-hitting effects and a quick-acting high that affects them both mentally and visually. The effects can be felt within just 15 to 30 minutes after digestion so first-time users are advised to be cautious in taking the shrooms. West Coast Supply recommends a dosage of 0.5 to 1.0g for beginners which will give a lighter shorter high, while a good margin for average users is between 1g and 3g, and for a very potent high that experienced users crave for, more than 3g may be used..


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22 reviews for Albino Avery Mushroom

  1. Joe Bishop

    These are a great way to start! Enjoyable without being overwhelming.

  2. Jean Delapena

    These are the way to go for any one starting out! The quality and size where picture perfect! These are my go to!

  3. Esther Dick

    Good — fast shipping!

  4. Tennie Broderick

    Fantastic fresh mushrooms!!

  5. Larry McIntyre

    I become closer to being superhuman every time I ingest a mushroom. Mushrooms will save the universe.

  6. Mildred Stallings

    First timer with Shrooms and so far am pretty amazed! My first does was only 1.75g and the experience was very colourful and insightful. The initial hour into it was a bit of a challenge though because my body wanted to reject the new food. I made sure I was in touch with someone I trusted and could help me out if needed (didn’t know how it would go etc)
    I kept an audio recording going of the progressive experience which lasted a good 5 hours.

    The “sacred geometry” (specifically the “Metatron’s cube” and the the 64 grid tetrahedron also known as the “Grid of Life” ) was pretty distinctive and intense when my eyes closed. It was as if I was inside the 3D geometry. Although that was neat and fascinating I followed Organic Shroom Canada’s advice and focused on my body and care.

    Funny enough every 1 minute or so I kept yawning and felt how tired I was in reality, I wanted to go sleep so much the first hour but my head trip was spinning a bit too much for comfort and I simply did not want to make it worst etc.

    It’s as if I could see through my skin better, I could distinguish the areas that needed attention or care. (An overlaid geometric skin seemed to come in and out of focus.) Strange enough I know but I could see the area my knees more red, my left hand where a bee stung from the day before was all too apparent, which was still a bit inflamed at the time. I took a picture just to see after if it was like so normally (the camera and video showed only even skin colour) So there was a sense of; “Oh my God I can see where I need healing” My skin was so beautiful and it was as if I felt the Fascia (The thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place) It felt soothing and very serene actually.

    I did take a second dose since then (1g) and although not as intense in colour, geometry and transparency it was very healing overall. The serene feeling was just as beautiful as the first trip and had no tummy or heart burn.

    I’ll stop here to say I appreciate your advise in the FAQ’s and their fast shipping. I’ll keep documenting my experiences and read more about Shrooms that is given.

  7. Daniel Johnson

    Best mushrooms ever! Every local chefs secret weapon.

  8. Maria Hawkins

    Love their compost!

  9. Inez West

    Gotta Love local organic mushrooms

  10. Paul Roberts

    Great experience that gives a nice light and pleasant time

  11. Norman Burns

    They are always so amazing, with an amazing product à

  12. Judy Love

    Fast delivery. Great quality and nice packaging. Very satisfied thank you !

  13. Jean Delapena

    Impressive strain!! Well received!

  14. Maureen Rodriquez

    Favorite place great people honest product.

  15. Richard Rivera

    Excellent customer service and the freshest quality produce.

  16. Eleanor Stewart


  17. Ronald Cedeno

    Always fresh with so much flavor!

  18. Barbara Murphy

    Good quality and good price …very fast service

  19. Joey Sweeny

    Very good product, legit.

  20. Joan Elder

    Cool place for mushrooms

  21. Carl Murr

    Great company, very fast shipping and high quality products. If your looking to have a personal introspective experience this is the mushroom for you. It makes you dig deep into yourself while giving you an amazing hallucinogenic experience.

  22. William Kelly

    Good, first time was stronger than I expected

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